Now that you’ve completed your questionnaire, please be sure to follow this four step process to complete your Vyleesi request.

Step 1

The Doctor Appointment

Please check your email for instructions on how to connect with your doctor. At the time of your appointment please call the appointment hotline (800)-268-7713 to be connected with the doctor for your consultation.

Step 2

KnippeRx Pharmacy

Following the consultation, your Vyleesi prescription will be sent to KnippeRx pharmacy for fulfilment. If you have questions about your prescription delivery, please call (833)-912-0764.

Step 3


You will receive a TEXT/SMS confirmation regarding your prescription.

Step 4

Receive Medication

Please follow the link from the pharmacy to have Vyleesi shipped directly to your door.

If you have any questions for the pharmacy and your prescription please contact us at 833-912-0764.

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